The Ashes 2017, England vs Australia, 4th Test, Day 1, Melbourne: Live Scores, Live Streaming, Cricket Updates

End of over 76: Australia 213/3 | Smith 49 (96), Marsh 16*(50)

Steve Smith looks comfortable stroking the English bowlers and he is already batting at 49. Marsh did survive some early scare but the batsman is hanging in there. England did manage to send back three Aussies, but Smith’s sturdy batting hints at yet another scintillating performance.

England’s session but does it matter anymore? We’ll be back for the last session in a while.

End of over 54 and tea on day 1: Australia 145/2 | Khawaja 10*(57), Smith 5(22)

The resurrection is on the way for Australia, who are taking it nice and slow, given that they have won the Ashes and there’s nothing to lose for them here.

End of over 50: Australia 136/2 | Khawaja 5(47), Smith 1*(8)

England have taken the wicket of both the openers in the span of 13 runs but that doesn’t cut their task as Khawaja, who has shown some form and Smith, who seems like in form for eternity now are at the crease to make the England bowlers toil hard.

Wicket! Australia 135/2

Hard work by England bowlers finally pays off as Anderson eventually gets Warner to knick one behind and sends him packing. Worries are still there as Smith – one of the best Test batsmen around the world is here.

DA Warner c †Bairstow b Anderson 103 (151b 13×4 1×6) SR: 68.21

End of over 40: Australia 128/1 | Khawaja 3*(19), Warner 99(126)

Another display of great batting by the Aussie as they are giving no chance to the Poms, who have taken a wicket but are looking toothless with the attack. Warner is also nearing another century, what a series it has been for him!

Wicket! Australia 122/1

Woakes strikes for England and Bancroft is caught in front of the wicket! It was on the money from Woakes and Bancroft missed it. The ball was hitting the leg stump and the umpire had no hesitation whatsoever to rule it as out.

CT Bancroft lbw b Woakes 26 (95b 2×4 0x6) SR: 27.36

Welcome to the second session of the fourth Test.

So the Australians have won the first session and Warner is looking dangerous here. Bancroft, meanwhile has made sure no fall of the wicket and has been gritty on the other hand. We’ll be back for the session shortly.

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