FIFA World Cup 2018 final: French President Emmanuel Macron dances to victory tune after France win,

FIFA World Cup 2018 concluded on Sunday with France emerging as the champions for the second time. They defeated Croatia 4-2 to lift the World Cup and be called the champions. French fans were more than happy and it was their President, Emmanuel Macron who joined them in the celebration.

French President Emmanuel Macron during the final match between France and Croatia. |Photo Credit: AP

FIFA World cup 2018 concluded with the final between France and Croatia. Les Blues won the match to clinch their second title in the World Cup history. After beating Croatia 4-2, the French team was overjoyed and a burst of happiness followed. Fans were rejoicing and in the midst of all this, French President Emmanuel Macron was seen dancing in the press box after Les Bleus took over Croatians.

Presidents of both Croatia and France graced the venue to witness their teams’ performance in the final. While Croatia’s Kolinda Garbar-Kitarovic had been spotted many times during Croatia’s matches in the past stages, France’s Macron has been spotted only a few times.

Both the Presidents enjoyed the match and could be seen celebrating each goal made by their teams. As the end came closer, France were brimming with joy and it poured out with the final whistle. This is how Macron stood up to celebrate:

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