Amazing breakfast dishes you can try for dinner

Up your grilled cheese game by making a French toast and then using the eggy bread to make grilled cheese. Add some ham for that extra goodness!

Just add some cheese and veggies and crack an egg or two before baking to make this super simple pizza more filling and nutritious.

If brown bread is too passé and you don’t feel like cooking, slice a croissant and make a sandwich. You can play around with cheese, meat and veggies to get your ideal combination.

Whether it is peppers, tomatoes or potatoes, eggs stuffed inside any vegetable makes for an awesome meal, especially when topped with ham or bacon.

Skip the store-bought mix and make buttermilk waffles from scratch for dinner. Adding some cornstarch in the batter makes the waffles silkier and crispier.

Add canned pumpkin to the regular macaroni and cheese combination for an extremely rich and decadent meal.

The main ingredients of this open sandwich are a Mexican crusty bread roll called bolillo, beans, salsa, lots of cheese and chorizo.

Pack the frittata full of greens, such as spinach, zucchini, scallions and put some cheese to make the wholesome meal creamy and delicious.

Up the glam quotient of poached eggs with this North African and Middle Eastern dish. Make a spicy, tangy and peppery tomato sauce and then top it with eggs. Make sure to leave the yolks runny for that extra oomph.

Adding spinach instead of bacon, this take on the classic eggs Benedict is perfect for dinner. Top it with slow-cooked hollandaise sauce for some lemony aftertaste.


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