Will form government with independents’ backing: H D Devegowda

Mysuru: Janata Dal (Secular) will form government on its own, taking help from independents and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) opined Supremo H D Devegowda. This will be a reality as more than 10-12 independents are likely to win in the forthcoming polls, he said.

Speaking to media at a private hotel here on May 8, Gowda said his assessment was based on the party gaining more seats in North Karnataka, especially in Hyderabad-Karnatak region. National parties are paying huge amount to agencies to get pre-poll survey outcomes in their favour, where agencies undoubtedly bat for those who make payments, he alleged.

Trying to stay clear of pre-poll surveys, Gowda said the party would get majority and stake claim to form the government with the poor, women and farmers’ backing. Despite undergoing two surgeries, H D Kumaraswamy is working tirelessly to ensure party’s victory. Devegowda stated.

Commenting on the huge cash seizures by election commission, Gowda said JDS does not have such resources and said national parties were wielding money power to influence voters.

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