Voters ask for speeding up of Mekedatu project

MYSURU: Campaigning is gaining steam across the old Mysuru Region and the political parties are doing their usual rounds of mudslinging and playing up their programmes.But, these parties are also silent on core issues such as the Mekedatu project, even while Bengaluru and many tier-II cities experienced the worst drinking water crisis in the past couple of years.

“The political parties should pledge before the people that they will support the construction of Mekedatu reservoir, which would address drinking water needs and run a hydel-power station,” said President of the Karnataka Sugarcane Growers Association, Kurbur Shantha Kumar.“We want the future generations to get drinking water 24/7 in Benglauru and other cities, than drilling thousands of feet to drink flouride-contaminated water,” he said.

Though the Krishnaraja Sagar Reservoir was constructed for irrigation purposes, the growing population and depletion of groundwater table have increased pressure on Cauvery water supply.This increases the urgency for the reservoir at Mekedatu. “The proposed reservoir will give us piped water in rural areas of Kanakapura, Malavalli and Kollegal taluk,” said Harish Babu of Sathanoor.

Raitha Hitharakshana Samithi President G Made Gowda said that the political parties and new government should expedite work on proposed Mekedatu project.He felt that it would be advantageous to riparian states and would meet drinking water needs for the next century. “Tamil Nadu can continue its stir and wage a legal battle against other projects, but it should concede ground for Mekedatu reservoir,” he said.
Farmer activist Somashekar said that the court should soon try centuries-old water share disputes or he Prime Minister should step in.

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