Villagers prefer fish market over community hall, resist eviction bid

Karwar: The villagers of Mudaga and surrounding areas opposed the eviction of petty shops and other small business establishments on November 27 by local Taluk Panchayat (TP) administration to construct a community hall in the area.

Displaced people from Binaga, Sankrubhag, Arga, Chendiya, Aligadda, Kodara and Amadahalli villages were rehabilitated in Mudaga area and most people set up petty shops and the rest were involved in trading fish.

The local taluk administration after issuing notices came fully equipped with heavy machinery and earth moving equipment to evict small business establishments on the roadside. The officials from TP administration were provided adequate security by the police for the eviction operation.

However, villagers opposed the move and instead demanded a construction of a fish market to support their livelihood. Existing community hall near Anjaneya temple can be renovated, they argued.

Finally, villagers succeeded in putting forth their pleas and convincing the DC, who arrived at the spot. The eviction process has been stalled temporarily

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