Vegetable prices soar high due to Bengaluru rains

Bengaluru: The incessant rainfall over the last one and a half month across various districts of Karnataka, including the state capital has caused the prices of vegetable to spiral upwards.

The monsoons have affected the vegetable crops around Bangalore thus leading to two-fold rise in the prices of vegetables such as bitter gourd, beans, ridge gourd, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and chili pepper during the last week.

Other vegetables like Okra (lady’s finger) and gavarkayi (chavalikayi) has seen a 5-10 per cent rise compared to its previous price. However, a common man can seek solace as the wedding season is coming to an end and thus the prices of the vegetable may now flatten or reduce.

In case of tomatoes, owing to a good crop production in the state the prices of this basic vegetable is not likely to rise despite a demand for it from neighbouring states.

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