Unity in diversity is tentative patronage of secularism: Nahas Mala

Udupi: “Unity in diversity, cultural, religious and linguistic plurality all sum up to the tentative patronage of the illustrious secularism,” said Nahas Mala, All India Students Islamic Organization (SIO).
Addressing the gathering at the SIO organized “Harmony Convention” at Town Hall here on Saturday, December 16, Nahas Mala said that the Indian Constitution that was formed under the leadership of Dr. B R Ambedkar defined nationalism as a belief, a faith or a political ideology that helps an individual identity with his or her fellow individuals with respect to a single nation or country bound by its territorial restraints, a common language, culture and religion to unleash the divaricated feeling of patriotism.
He said that the intention of the constitution was to make all people equal by way of voting. Every person is equal to one vote and every vote is valuable. The constitution is not for politics but for social purposes. “These days political agenda is based on religious feud as that of the recent issue in Haryana. The future of an all inclusive diverse India is indeed doubtful, because of the contemporary communal feuds incited by the political parties. The Modi government argues that the nation should be a Gujarat model. The political partied have forgotten the truth,” he said adding that more than 55% of people have no lavatories or toilets and that unity in diversity and religious plurality sum up to the tentative patronage of the illustrious secularism.
After the invocation, Junaid gave the introductory speech. Daanis State Secretary of SIO welcomed the gathering and gave the keynote address. Shivasundar, a great thinker and lyrisist, Bengaluru, Rev David F Nirmanic Pastor UBE Church, Malpe and Janab Mohammed Kunhi addressed the gathering on the occasion.

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