Ugrana attracts large crowd

The Ugrana or store for the Paryaya festival built in temporary sheds has become an attraction for the people as foodgrains and vegetables have been arranged in clean, neat and decorative style.

Devotees from different parts of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada districts donate foodgrains, coconuts, vegetables and oil for the Paryaya festival. These donations began from January 5. The items are kept in vehicles including vans, autorickshaws and mini trucks brought in a procession from Jodu Katte to the Ugrana located at the Rajangana parking space.

According to Vishnuprasad Padigar, in-charge of the Ugrana, till the evening of January 16, devotees had donated 1,500 quintal of rice, 2,000 kg of dal, 25,000 coconuts, 5,500 kg of jaggery, 1,500 litres of oil, 3,500 pumpkins and 10,000 bags of cucumber, 1,500 kg of sugar. They had also donated lot of vegetables and fruits including jackfruit, grapes, pulses and flour.

The attractions at the Ugrana were ‘Kanaja’ (temporary granary or barn of cylindrical structure made of dried hay) a cart where different vegetables were kept in a decorative style and a boat full of ‘Mattu Gulla.’ There were also statues of two cows amidst all this.

Besides these, there were 13 divisions or partitions to store the foodgrains and vegetables. Many people visited the Ugrana to see the arrangement of these foodgrains and vegetables. The foodgrains and vegetables would be used for cooking meals for devotees for Paryaya festival (Thursday).

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