Tough triangular fight likely in Gulbarga Dakshin constituency

Gulbarga Dakshin constituency is all set to witness a triangular and multi-cornered tussle between Dattatraya Patil Revoor of the BJP (sitting MLA), Allamprabhu Patil of the Congress and Basavaraj Diggavi of the JD(S).

The Revoor family has a track record of winning hat-trick from different parties from the constituency. After the Gulbarga constituency was divided into two — Gulbarga Uttar and Gulbarga Dakshin in 2008 delimitation — late Chandrashekhar Patil Revoor, the father of Mr. Dattatraya, contested on BJP ticket in Gulbarga Dakshin and won with a huge margin of 14,000 votes. In the byelection that was necessitated by the demise of Chandrashekhar Patil Revoor, his wife captured the constituency on JD(S) ticket. The BJP then gave ticket to Mr. Dattatraya in the 2013 Assembly elections, and he won with a margin of 9,970 votes against his nearest rival Shashil Namoshi who contested on JD(S) ticket.

However, this time, the odds seem to be stacked against Mr. Dattatraya, particularly if Mr. Allamprabhu Patil, who was a close aide of former Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh, enters the poll arena on Congress ticket. While Congress is still in an apparent dilemma over fielding a competent candidate, a party insider revealed on condition of anonymity that Mallinath Patil Sonth, a former president of Karnataka Milk Federation and a close associate of Congress leader M. Mallikarjun Kharge, may be the candidate for Dakshin constituency.

After the bifurcation of Gulbarga constituency, Congress made a strong base in Uttar and no party was able to make the Dakshin as its basin. The eleventh-hour selection of candidates by Congress in previous elections had indeed left the candidate with little time to campaign and turned out to be an advantage to its rivals.

The entry of JD(S) candidate Mr. Diggavi may upset calculations of both BJP and Congress. Though political greenhorn, Mr. Diggavi, who identified himself with BJP earlier, is now in the fray on JD(S) ticket after the BJP shut its door for him in the last minute.

Besides city wards, Gulbarga Dakshin comprises Pattan circle, which was earlier in Afzalpur constituency, and Nandikur and Khandal gram panchayats, Jaffarabad, Udnoor, Naganahalli, Panegoan and other villages which were part of Shahabad constituency before the delimitation.

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