Surveillance teams seize Rs 14 lakh cash in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Chief Electoral Officer Sanjiv Kumar on Tuesday said surveillance teams have seized cash worth Rs 14.14 lakh, 100 LED TVs worth Rs 1.65 lakh and three vehicles worth Rs 3 lakh for violating the Model Code of Conduct in the last 14 hours.

In a release, Kumar said the surveillance teams have cumulatively seized Rs 4,07,82,940 in cash, 4.5 litres of liquor and other items including vehicles worth Rs 1,21,66, 272.

He said the flying squads have seized 144.72 litres of liquor worth Rs 12,996, three vehicles worth Rs 10 lakhs in last 24 hours. Cumulatively, the teams have seized 54,52,350 in cash, 473.64 litres of liquor and other items worth Rs 9,96,56,500, 25 vehicles worth Rs 92,96,560.

He said that other police authorities have seized cash worth Rs 7 lakh, 10 sarees, 160 laptops and 485 litres of liquor, cumulatively, cash worth Rs 4,69,35,290 has been seized.

The excise department has seized 1206.76 litres of IML and other liquor worth Rs 5,77,231 and booked 55 cases, 70 cases for breach of licence conditions and 91 cases under Section 15 A of Karnataka Excise Act in the last 24 hours, cumulatively, 10,464.402 litres of IML and other liquor worth Rs 46,74,139 has been seized and 412 cases have been booked, 629 cases have been booked for breach of licence, two NDPS cases and 1035 cases under the Karnataka Excise Act have been booked and 163 different types of vehicles were seized.

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