State may face power shortage this summer

Bengaluru: Due to deficient rainfall and shortage of coal, power generation is lower this year, according to Kumar Nayak, Executive Director of Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL).

The actual requirement of coal for all stations in the state is 136 lakh tonnes. From Singareni as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the state is getting 56 lakh tonnes and shortage is around at 79 lakh tonnes said, said Kumar Nayak revealing plans to import coal to tide over the crisis. To augment power generation at Bellary Thermal Power Station (BTPS) and Yeragera Thermal Power Station (YTPS), 10 lakh tonnes of coal will be imported immediately, he added.

The tender will be called early to avoid power cuts during examination time and keep the supply of power intact during summer. During the tender, a key element which is on the agenda is to supply good quality coal as substandard coal will reduce the capacity of power generation.

Giving statistical information, the state had generated 17,875 million units which is around 10 percent less compared to previous year, where 19,767 million units of power was generated, Kumar Nayak said taking into account power generation from both hydro and thermal power stations.

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