Siddaramaiah’s 10 questions to Yeddyurappa

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took to Twitter on Thursday, April 12 to throw 10 posers to BJP State president B.S. Yeddyurappa, on subjects ranging from State flag and Lingayat controversy to infrastructure issues.

1. Do you support the aspiration of Kannadigas for a strong Kannada identity with a Nada-Dhwaja?

2. Do you support the aspirations of the followers of Basaveshwara for an independent religion?

3. Do you support mediation by the Prime Minister for an immediate resolution to #Mahadayi river dispute?

4. Do you support waiver by Central Government of agricultural loans lent by commercial banks?

5. A farmer committed suicide in Yavatmal, Maharashtra & blamed PM for it. What is the BJP Govt doing about it? When you blame us for farmers’ suicides, you must also tell what you are going to do?

6. You denotified hundreds of acres of BDA lands, thus killing several layouts and depriving Bengalureans of homes. Why did you do it? How can Bengalureans trust you again?

7. You let the Reddy brothers to loot more than Rs 25,000 crore of mineral wealth. Why were you so helpless?

8. Anna Bhagya gives 7KG free rice/ month/ person to about 4 cr people. We give milk to 1 cr children. What will you do differently?

9. The three CMs of BJP built 6 KM of metro in 5 years. We have built 36 KM of Metro in 5 years. We are building phase II & preparing for phase III.

10. We have got GoI to sanction Sub-Urban Rail. We are bringing in Electric Buses. We will increase BMTC fleet. What is your solution to traffic congestion?

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