Scores of businessmen in soup for violating GST Council directives

Bengaluru: As many as 50 cases have been registered against various traders and business persons for not transferring the benefits of reduced GST as announced in the 28th council meeting of the GST Council.

On July 28 and 29, ten teams of Karnataka’s department of Legal Metrology conducted several raids during which the details of 196 establishments were verified. Cases were registered against those found to be in violation of the GST council’s directives.

After the recently held meeting of the GST council, reductions and exemptions were announced for various products, most prominently the sanitary napkins. Other products such as some perfumes, toilet cleaning aids and electronic goods saw a reduction in rates from 28% to 18%.

The raids brought to light that some business establishments were still using the old GST rates on these goods. The department will be imposing fines on these establishments.

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