No option for transgenders in PU, degree applications at BU

BENGALURU: Despite there being a reservation for transgender candidates at Bangalore University for post-graduate courses, there is no encouragement for them at the under-graduate and pre-university levels.

According to the authorities and teachers of Bangalore University, though there is reservation in post-graduate courses, no transgender candidate has claimed it for years. But they blame the lack of opportunities at the pre-university and under-graduate level.

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Currently, admissions for first-year pre-university courses and under-graduate courses are being held in the state, but when a look at the  application forms reveals there is no option for transgenders. In the application, there are only two options for gender, Male and Female.Interestingly, the state department of pre-university education allows students to appear for exams as private candidates, but there is no opportunity for them to study as regular students. “There are many candidates interested to pursue higher education. Unfortunately, one cannot apply at PU colleges as there is no mention about third gender in the application forms,” said one of the transgender activists from the city.

“We are demanding reservation in education since several years, but only Bangalore University was sensitive enough to respond to our demand and give reservation in post-graduate studies. But, as there are no opportunities to study PU and degree courses like regular students, many are taking holding back,” said the activist.

Bangalore University has given reservation for transgenders since 2010. The reserved seats for transgenders  in each PG course will be available under supernumerary quota and are non-transferable. Talking about the importance of giving reservation at UG and PUC  level, Prof B K Ravi, registrar of Bangalore University, said, “Despite giving reservation, we have not received any application under the  category. I strongly feel that there should be encouragement at PUC and degree level for them to get into post-graduate courses.”C Shikha, director PUE department, said, “I will look into the issue and resolve the application.”

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