MIA to get separate division for international passengers at Rs 100 Crore

Mangaluru: A separate division for international passengers is getting ready at a cost of Rs 100 Crore in the airport, Director of Mangaluru International Airport V V Rao said.

He was speaking to media after inaugurating the Dasara programme organised at Mangaluru Airport here in the city.

“The separate division will come up with 9,000 sq feet building, 2 aerobridges and 3 conveyor belt canopies. Presently in the airport, we have three three conveyor belt canopies. Two are being used for domestic and one for international passengers. The present airport building is spreed over 18,000 sq feet. After a separate division is created, both domestic and international passengers will get three conveyor belt canopies each”, he said.

On extending runway at the airport, Rao said that L&T company had been given the responsibility to make a study on extension of runway. The company has given the options of filling the gorges and constructing the pillars. Rao also asserted that the work would be done without compromising on safety.

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