Marigold growers in tears after dip in demand

Srinivaspur: Growers who switched over to marigold as an alternative crop in the changing economic and environmental conditions are in tears again as the prices have crashed in the market.

With whole sale, retail prices ruling in the region at Rs 5 and Rs 20 per kg respectively in the market, the romance associated with the business has come to an end, say most growers. Beautiful flowers are seen rotting in the vast fields as they are unable to recover the costs of produce. Unable to bear the sight of beautiful flowers rotting in bright sunshine, few teary eyed growers pluck the produce and transport it to nearby markets on their own, only to end up losing money from their own pockets. Traders’ unable to market the abundant produce leave it by the wayside after sunset, which ultimately turns into fodder for stray cattle.

Growers switched to marigold, when tomato prices in the taluk bordering Andhra dipped. They dug borewells in the arid areas to ensure continuous water supply to the crop in their bid to reap good harvest.

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