Many riding without helmets, driving without seat belts

Riding two-wheelers with both the rider and pillion rider not wearing helmets tops traffic offences booked by the Mangaluru City Traffic police in the last 13 months. The other offences that are more in number are driving without seat belts, riding two-wheelers and driving non-transport vehicles in a reckless manner, obstruction of traffic movement and use mobile phones while driving.

Of the 20,094 cases registered in 2017, 3,694 are related to the pillion rider not wearing a helmet while 2,963 are of the rider not wearing a helmet. The total fine collected for the two offences is ₹6.65 lakh. Of the 4,681 cases registered in January 2018, 833 and 518 cases are of pillion riders and riders not wearing helmets respectively. The total fine collected is ₹1.35 lakh.

In 2017, the city police booked 3,633 cases of not wearing seat belt, 1,057 for using mobile phones while driving, 1,569 for obstruction of traffic, 1,094 for parking on main roads, and 740 for jumping traffic signals.

Among the other cases registered in 2017 include no parking (630), defective number plates (557), riding two-wheelers recklessly (524), driving without uniforms (538), using black film/other material (397), oneway/no-entry (371), driving non transport vehicle recklessly (263), parking on footpaths (251), without side mirrors (204) and triple riding (178). The total fine collected in 2017 was ₹22.61 lakh.

In January

In January 2018, the city police registered 780 cases of not wearing seat belts, followed by 456 for obstruction of traffic, 306 for using mobile phones while driving, 284 for parking on main road, 222 one-way/no-entries, 157 for jumping signals, 141 no-parkings, 133 for no uniform, and 105 for parking on footpaths. The total fine collected in January is ₹5.16 lakh.

Apart from booking cases during regular vehicle checking drives, traffic police constables manning traffic movement also make note of offences. Policemen at the Traffic Automation Centre also register cases via footage of the 93 closed circuit cameras installed in different parts of the city.

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