Kodavas join hands to oppose rail project

After protests in Kodagu against railway lines cutting through the district, Kodavas living in Bengaluru came together on Sunday to lend their support to the movement.

Over 50 people gathered at Cubbon Park to form the ‘Save Coorg’ team , and voice their opposition to the proposal to construct a railway line between Mysuru and Thalassery via Kodagu.

Devika Deviah, an environmentalist, working on a project to save Cauvery, said: “Kodagu is really close to my heart. We need to protect our land and people should stand together as they did against the steel flyover project in Bengaluru. We cannot allow 55,000 trees to be cut for a railway line.”

The group is also being supported by people in Mangaluru, Chikkamagaluru and even Chennai, she said.

“The need of the hour is to provide us good hospitals in the town, and not a railway line. The government is giving us development we don’t want,” said Pratik Ponnanna, organiser of the movement.

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