Kannada actor Upendra calls upon people to contest from his party

Kannada actor Upendra has called for people to apply for candidature to his party to contest the upcoming Assembly elections. The actor, who recently launched his own political outfit Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha, released a mobile app and launched a website on Saturday so that people can log in and download forms to submit their candidature.

“We have received 50,000-60,000 mails so far and we are still scrutinising many more applications. With the app and website, people will find it easier to communicate with us. Both the app and the website have details about how a person can go about with their application. We do not need any educational qualification, but we want like-minded people who want to do good for the society,” he said.
The app called Prajakeeya is available on Android and will soon be available on iOS.

Those interested in applying have to fill a form and answer a series of questions related to their constituency – from agriculture to industries to tourism to health care. They also need to speak about problems and suggest solutions to the same. The candidates have also been asked to submit photographs and videos of themselves interacting with people in their constituencies. Interviews with the candidates will be live streamed and later finalised.

The actor said they are aiming at completing a majority of the process within a month. Those interested in joining the party can log on to kpjpuppi.org and mail their candidature forms to mlacandidate@kpjpuppi.org or to othercandidate@kpjpuppi.org.

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