Intensive cleanliness drive in Mysuru from Dec 24

Mysuru: Intensive cleanliness drive from morning to night not only across the city but also in the neighbouring Gram Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat areas will be taken up from December 22. To maintain cleanliness across the city, Deputy Commissioner D Randeep has instructed the authorities not to allow trucks carrying debris inside the city without proper covering and restrict them at the check post itself.

To reclaim the number one spot in cleanliness, Deputy Commissioner D Randeep convened a meeting with all heads including Corporation Commissioner Jagadeesh, ZP CEO Shivashankar, MUDA Commissioner Kantharaju and Corporation Health Officer Dr. Nagaraj at Jaladarshini Guest house here recently. During the meeting, various steps and initiatives were taken up to keep the city neat and clean in view of Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan authorities who are expected to visit city by January first week.

During the meeting, Corporation Commissioner Jagadeesh mentioned that the MUDA Civic Amenity (CA) and corner sites are not maintained cleanly and hence requested MUDA Commissioner Kantharaju to give instruction to the owners of CA sites and also to his authorities to take up cleanliness drive in their jurisdiction. Based on the direction from Randeep, Kantharaju assured to give individual notice to the owners and CA site owners to keep their plots neat and clean. He also mentioned that there are 2400 corner sites belonging to MUDA and steps will also be taken to keep them clean. He also assured that instruction will be given to private layouts to keep their premise clean or action will be initiated against them. Randeep called upon Kantharaju to complete the cleanliness in CA sites and in his jurisdiction by the end of this month. Deputy Commissioner D Randeep also mentioned that whenever he is free he will also take part in the cleanliness drive.

Jagadeesh said, “The intensive drive will be taken up from morning to night. For each ward we have taken up additional five workers who are working from morning to night. Earlier, these workers involved in cleaning drainage now they have been told to take up cleaning median, footpaths, service roads and other such related works. We are going all out in our effort to reclaim number one tag in cleanliness in the country. Hope the public also cooperate by keeping their premise neat and clean.”

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