Ignored vacant teacher posts irks many experts

BENGALURU: Although the Budget presented by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday spoke about providing good quality education, there was no mention about measures nor funds set aside for the same. This has disappointed stakeholders in primary education, but those from higher education are happy about various proposals made in its favour.

“The budget is not impressive when it comes to primary and secondary education. When reports say 1.9 million children are still out of school, how can the Budget talk as if all the kids are in school,” Dr VP Niranjanaradhya, primary education expert from the state, said.“On one hand, they talk of holistic education, and on the other, they propose to set up schools for tribals,” he said.

Experts appreciated the proposal of integrated BEd course. But, at the same time, they were dissatisfied that there was no discussion about filling up 9 lakh vacant teachers’ posts.A head teacher of a government model primary school  said, “There are schools which need basic infrastructure like drinking water and toilets. Digital boards  can wait.”

Dr N Prabhu Dev, former vice chancellor of Bangalore University, said, “`1 lakh crore set aside for research activities is a welcome move, and so is identifying 1,000 top BTech graduates to do PhD
from IISc and IITs.”

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