Heya Night Owls! Hunger busting at odd hours is just a call away!

Mangaluru: For all those with twisted biological clocks and bellies throwing tantrums during odd hours, here is an opportunity to grab a bite after the wee hours thanks to a new start up in town.

Talking to the young entrepreneur and artist by profession Hisrar Tallani when asked why he came up with the venture said, “As I am an artist myself, I used to face problems in getting food at night and there were times where I have slept without eating, so I came up with this idea.” Adding to that, he said that the food is prepared by housewives, which says that it is good old home cooked food. This even helps the housewives to make some extra money.

So this is great news for all the night owls out there! So pick up your phone and start ordering from HUNGER BUSTERS for some scrumptious food.

Dinner will be delivered free of cost around Mangalore city limits.

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