From letters to deity to even a debit card

Many devotees who visited the famous Hasanamba temple in Hassan have dropped chits in the hundi with requests addressed to the deity.

The chits were found on Sunday when the officials of the Revenue Department opened the hundi to count the cash and gold collected. While a few sought the deity’s blessings for their family, a few requested for good health. The temple, which was opened on October 12 was closed on Saturday.

A woman from Mysuru, in her letter, complained to the deity that she had a tough time at her husband’s place and sought her blessings for the family. A young couple sought the deity’s intervention to convince their parents for their marriage. In another letter, a worried father requested the deity to improve his son’s health. Interestingly, a debit card was also found in the hundi.

A few banned notes were also among the cash dropped into the hundi. The counting of notes continued till late in the evening.

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