Fraudsters hack Horanadu trustee’s debit card, take away Rs 21 lac

Chikkamagaluru: Fraudsters hacked the debit card belonging to a trustee of Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple in Horanadu and managed to take away Rs 21 lakhs from his account.

The incident came to light only after his return from a foreign tour.

Bhimeshwara Jhoshi, the temple trustee of Horanadu temple during a trip to Europe used his debit card for shopping on September 4. At that point of time, he had Rs 25 lakhs balance in his account .

Jhoshi, who returned to India on September 6, realised about the fraud while checking his account details with the bank on September 14.

Fraudsters had taken away Rs 21 lakh between September 4 -13 from his Karnataka Bank account after hacking the card.

The messages sent to his personal mobile after each withdrawal went unnoticed by him, which only aggravated the problem giving more room for fraudsters to misuse his account freely.

A complaint has been filed at the Chikkamagalur Police station on September 14. The police after registering a cheating case under IT Act 66 and IPC section 420 forwarded the same to the cyber crime division in Bengaluru for further investigation

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