‘Elections in K’taka between working class and the rich’

Mangaluru: Terming that there is not much difference between the BJP and the Congress, CPI(M) district general secretary Vasantha Achari, on Sunday questioned why the Congress government in the state has failed to end the communal murders in the region and arrest Dr Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat.

Addressing a political convention organised by the CPI(M) Mangaluru South at Don Bosco Hall here on Sunday April 15, Vasanth Achary said, “CPI(M) is striving to favor the working and suppressed class in the society. In democracy their should be discussion about the suppressed and labor class, but the BJP and Congress parties are in favor of corporate sectors and capitalists.”

“These two political parties have failed to generate employment opportunities for the youth in the district, good health facilities for the working class and education for the poor class. Instead both the Congress and BJP are involved in bringing policies favoring the rich. They are also involved in creating a communal divide in the society. There no difference between the Congress and BJP,” Vasantha Achari alleged.

Slamming Modi led Union government in the center, Vasantha Achari said, “Acche Din has arrived only for the corporate, capitalist and not for the working class people in the country”.

Terming BJP as a Bhrastachari Janatha Party, he said that it is planning to privatize 335 public sector companies and the Congress despite being in opposition party at the center has failed to protect the rights of the people.

“What did Moideen Bava, JR Lobo do to prevent the communal murders.Why the Congress has failed to arrest Kalladka Prabhkar Bhat,” he questioned

Later, DYFI State President Muneer Katipalla said “For the Congress and the BJP, election has become a business. Both parties will spend money to gain votes and after winning the elections, they will work for vested interests of capitalists and they will never come in favor of working class or the poor.”

“The Congress and the BJP elected representatives have failed in bringing a government medical college to the district. Even they have privatized the government Wenlock hospital. Both parties in-spite of ruling us from decades they have failed to create employment opportunities, proper medical facilities and shelter to working class people” he said.

“This election is conflict between rich and the working class. People should remember that those who win the elections by spending crores of rupees will work to protect the vested interest of the rich,” he said and alleged that the biggest employment opportunity that the BJP and Congress has given to youths in the district, is sending the youth to jails through communal clashes.

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