Delay in payment irks poll officials

BENGALURU:A mini crisis kicked up inside the polling booth of the SSMRV College in Jayanagar after counting for five of the constituencies got done and the last was in its final stages. Bank officials on polling duty surrounded a woman Returning Officer (RO) and insisted they be compensated immediately.

The RO assured them that payment would be made. “We have sent the cheques to your banks for payment. It is taking two to three days for it to get realised,” she said. Employees, still unconvinced, pointed out that their colleagues posted in other places had been paid already. “I know of a person who already received `1,650 today. Why are we not getting paid?” demanded a woman employee.

However, the staff refused to budge. The RO then told the officials to give their account numbers and IFSC code. “The money will be transferred to you,” she said. While a few agreed, many said that they do not know the code. “Our mobile phones are not allowed inside the building, how do you expect us to remember the code?” said a few.  When even this did not work out, the officer told them to leave behind their mobile numbers and to send their account numbers and code through SMS. A few opposed this too. ‘It is risky to share account numbers like this. I will not do it,” an employee said.

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