Courier boys in C’magaluru cheat amazon of Rs 1.35 cr

Chikkamagaluru: In a shocking incident, a gang from Chikkamagaluru managed to dupe online shopping giant Amazon of crores of rupees.

With a well laid service network, Amazon does business worth crores of rupees everyday but, here in Chikkamagaluru, Amazon has lost a romping Rs 1.35 cr, thanks to four courier boys.

The masterminds behind this episode had laid their network in such a manner that Amazon’s products are delivered to their customers but the payments made were all routed to the conmen’s accounts. The scam came to light only during an audit of the company in Bengaluru. The issue was brought to the notice of Chikkamagaluru SP Annamalai, who promptly formed teams and tracked down a few of the courier service delivery boys.

The kingpin of the fraud, Darshan and his aides Puneeth, Sachin and Anil have been nabbed.

It is said that the boys had created fake accounts and placed orders for various products from Amazon. They would then receive the product from the company, but cancel the order. The same product was later sold by them outside thus, cheating the company of its money.

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