CFTRI roped in to make Sabarimala Prasadam tastier

Mysuru/Thiruvananthapuram: If everything goes according to the plans, the “Appam” and “Aravana” Prasadam of Sabarimala temple in Perunad, Kerala will be tastier with the help of the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) of Mysuru.

CFTRI is already providing guidelines for preparing “Laddu” prasadam of popular Titupathi Tirumala temple and “Panchamruta” prasadam of Palani Swami Muruga temple. Now, the institution has been roped in to make the “Appam” and “Aravana” tastier with its research.

CFTRI will mainly work on the quality, taste and shelf life of the Appam and Aravana. Experts of the institution will also train those who prepare the prasadam. It is decided to make the Appam a little bit smoother and sweeter. The jaggery content of Aravana will be lessened by around 30-40 percent to make it tastier.

The institution and the temple administration will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on May 16, if everything happens according to the plans. The new type of prasadam will be available during the next term of Sabarimala tour itself, said Tiruvankoor Devaswam Board (TDB), President A Padma Kumar.

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