‘Centre appointing Chief Election Commissioner must be stopped’

Bengaluru: Central Election Commission (CEC) former chief election commissioner Dr. S Y Quraishi has opined that a collegium system must be introduced for appointing Chief Election Commissioner as against the existing system of the central government appointing the officer.

Addressing a seminar on “Improvements of Elections and Constitutional Models”, organized by Forum For Democracy and Communal Amity- Karnataka (AFCA) and St. Joseph College at the college on Saturday, he said that India has strongest election commission in the world, but has a poor appointment system.

“There is Collegiums system to appoint the Chief Justice of India (CJI). In a similar way, though not a Constitutional Institution, Central Chief Information Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commissioner’s appointment, there is an independent committee. Even for the Head of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is a part of the Home Ministry, there is a committee including the Prime Minister and the CJI,” he informed adding that the Central government directly appoints the commissioner of the Chief Election Commission (CEC).

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