Brain dead patient from Karkala saves seven lives

The family of a brain-dead woman saved the lives of seven people by donating her organs.

Nirmala Bhat from Karkala had met with an unfortunate road accident in Karkala on June 22. Following this, she was rushed to Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and was declared brain-dead on June 25, as per the protocol stipulated by the Transplantation of Human Organ Act 1994 by four senior doctors of the Medical board.

Later organs like two heat valves, two corneas, two kidneys and liver were harvested.

As decided by the Transplantation Authority, Corneas and one Kidney would be provided to patients admitted in Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. The liver harvested by surgeons from BGS Hospital, Bangalore for the identified patient would be airlifted by helicopter from Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. Two heart valves would be used on the patient from Bengaluru, one kidney for a patient in Mangaluru.

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