Beware! ATMs now dispense pieces of paper along with your cash

People go to ATMs to get money, but what if ATMs dispense pieces of paper along with the valuable ones?

Well, a resident of Bellary was left shocked when he received paper slips along with currency notes at an SBI ATM in Bellary on October 15.

A customer named Ramesh from the town on Sunday morning, had stopped at the SBI ATM to withdraw Rs 8000 in cash. He got the shock of his life when the ATM did not dispense the requested amount and instead dispensed Rs 7,500 and a peice of paper for Rs 500.

Ramesh immediately approached the media persons and informed them about the strange incident.

Following this, the locals and the people who had come to withdraw cash protested in front of the ATM.

Since no one from the said bank arrived at the spot, Ramesh has decided to file a complaint against the bank alledging fraud.

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