Battle Shivamogga: For Eshwarappa to win, why Yeddyurappa holds the key

Shivamogga formerly known as Shimoga is a district to watch out for. There are several big-wigs contesting from the 8 constituencies including Byandoor contesting and it promises to be an exciting fight.
All eyes would be on these constituencies since it also houses Shikharipura, which is B S Yeddyurappa’s constituency. In this context, it would be interesting to look at the Shivamogga constituency from where K S Eswharappa of the BJP would be contesting.

After much deliberation, he was handed a ticket by the BJP, much to the disliking of Rudregowda, a Yeddyurappa loyalist. In the 2013 elections, Eswharappa had finished third while Rudregowda came second on a KJP ticket. The constituency was however won by Prasannakumar of the Congress. The final tally was- Prasannakumar, 39,355, Rudregowda, 39,077 and Eshwarapa, 33,462. It is clear that the margin was thin between the first and second place.

Eshwarappa who ended up in third place in 2013 could also blame it on the BJP-KJP split and the negative campaign that reportedly Yeddyurappa undertook. It is an open secret that there is no great bonhomie between Yeddyurappa and Eshwarappa.

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