Are you littering at your door step? Beware! Mission on to surprise you

Mangaluru: Enraged by the behaviour of a shopkeeper, who disposed the waste at his door step, a youth silently picked the same and threw it back in the same shop to the utter dismay of all those present at Karangalpady on December 31.

The youth Sowraj belongs to a group of Ramakrishna Mission, which is spearheading the cleanliness drive in the city. It may be noted that the cleanliness drive is comprised of about 40 groups in different parts of Mangalore, each comprising more than 50 members, carrying on the campaign on one Sunday every month for 10 consecutive months.

The drive is not just about cleaning the streets and drains, but also aims to create awareness among people about maintaining their surroundings too.

However, On December 31, a shopkeeper threw the waste right in front of his shop soon after the cleanliness drive. Sowraj, who had just completed his Sunday assignment became furious observing the callous attitude and uncanny behaviour of the shopkeeper. Within minutes he picked all the waste that was strewn in front of the shop and threw it back into the shop. However, shopkeepers and those present did not react, instead remained silent, being aware of the folly. Sowraj recorded the entire incident on his mobile and circulated it on social media.

Sowraj had reacted in the same manner on a previous incident near Morgan’s Gate to teach the residents there, a lesson. Subsequently they had stopped littering in the area.

Enthused by the positive response to the new drive by Sowraj, the Ramakrisha Mission group members are planning to adopt the same-“to drive the point home” in case of similar situations in the future.

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