Why you should never use washing detergent on your denim jeans

Denim is a staple in our wardrobe all year round.

Jeans are our savour for casual days at the weekend and can even be worn to the office when the laundry basket is brimming with our best workwear pieces.

But because our denim gets so much use, they end up getting a lot of wear and tear from washing and drying, which in turn leads to stretching and fading.

So how do you keep your denim at it’s best? Well, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh has advised denim fans to ‘stop washing your jeans.’

Yep, you need to stop throwing your jeans into the washing machine right now.

Instead, Levi’s head designer Jonathan Cheung reveals that you should be spot cleaning your denim as much as possible.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Cheung recommends that we wear our jeans a few times before giving them a freshen up.

And when you do need to wash them, just soak the jeans in the tub in cool-to-lukewarm water for 20 minutes with a capful of a gentle soap. This will stop excessive fading.

When you’re drying your jeans, never ever put them in a dryer, instead, let them dry naturally on a clothes horse or outside on a washing line.

Another top tip is to avoid washing detergent. Instead, use shampoo which is less harsh on the fabric.

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