I don’t overbuy, ever: Alia Bhatt

If you were an outfit what would you be: Something comfortable like an athleisure outfit, track pants and a nice ganji with a jacket or otherwise just my favourite pyjamas.
Favourite designer: Manish Malhotra because he’s so versatile. My favourite international designer is Zadig & Voltaire. I also like the new Gucci collection.

A beauty secret: What our grandmothers have been telling us – drink a lot of water! Sleep is important for the skin and so is the goodness of aloe vera. Also, stick to just one face wash and one moisturiser – something that suits you.

Finest fashion advice: Mickey Contractor once told me ‘less is more’. I swear by that because anything overdone is overkill.

Style of jeans: I love the flared high-waist jeans. But I only wear them when I’m wearing high heels and I don’t wear those that often. I like skinny jeans as they look good on me with a high waist, for sure.

Facial feature you play up the most: I am always in a rush. So just lots of mascara and a nice pop of colour on the lips for me.

Worst fashion trend: The fringe made no sense to me. On bags it was fine dangling out, on clothes it was a bit weird.

One must-have make-up item: Mascara – it’s quick to put on and easy to wipe out.

 Items you tend to overbuy: I tend to buy a lot of bags and shoes. But I do use them. So, I don’t overbuy anything. I’m a controlled person.
Best styled celeb: Kangana Ranaut. She’s style and chic.
Colour: Blue, white, beige and nude tones, which look good on me. Black would be another favourite.
Favourite item in your wardrobe: My gym clothes, as they are the most comfortable.

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