Fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra recalls his Obama encounter, designing for Michelle

Fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra reveals what made his White House evening an affair to remember.

At any given time, Bibhu Mohapatra, the India-born, New York-based fashion designer, may have the following things on his schedule — attending a reception at the White House, dressing the former First Lady Michelle Obama or designing an exclusive collection for luxe jewellery brands. And when he’s not doing this, he’s on the road, travelling.

Mohapatra, 45, was in Mumbai recently to showcase a jewellery collection. He says he’s still in touch with Michelle Obama. “She is very well… doing great as ever,” he says.

Mohapatra has fond memories of the final White House bash held to bid goodbye to President Barack Obama. He describes it as a truly luxurious experience. “It was an amazing bash — full of life and positive energy. Everyone was dancing, munching on fried chicken. I remember looking at my watch at around 2 am and ..

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