150 year old painting appears to show a woman using an iPhone

 painting from the 1860s has a detail seemingly swiped from modern times: a woman hunched and walking with her eyes seemingly glued to a phone. 

As a man crouches in wait to spring a flower on her, she doesn’t even look up.

Yup, nothing really seems to have changed beyond the nineteenth century garments.

Picture: Hajotthu / Wikimedia Commons

Glaswegian Peter Russell spotted the ‘iPhone’ on a visit to the Neue Pinakothek museum in Munich where the painting – The Expected One by Ferdinand George Waldmüller – hangs.

ut it turns out she is not a bored time-traveller swiping her way through historical Tinder (we bet that’s a wasteland). Rather, she is engrossed in perusing a hymn book, according to the gallery.

Russell, who now occasionally blogs about culture, told Motherboard:

What strikes me most is how much a change in technology has chance the interpretation of the painting, and in a way has leveraged its entire context.

He added:

The big change is that in 1850 or 1860, every single viewer would have identified the item that the girl is absorbed in as a hymnal or prayer book.

Today, no one could fail to see the resemblance to the scene of a teenage girl absorbed in social media on their smartphone.

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