Upcoming Events For Women In Bangalore – Making it as a Freelance Writer

 How to find your Big Opportunity?

  • It’s a good time to be a writer in India! Whether you want to write as a career, want to write in your free time, or dream of writing a book one day – understanding the opportunities that exist today, and how to access them, will help you achieve your dream faster.

    Over the years, Women’s Web editors have published thousands of impactful pieces of writing, and know what makes some pieces tick, while others simply don’t work. Join us at a half-day freelance writing workshop in Mumbai & Bangalore to fine-tune your writing, understand what editors want, and build your writing career.

    Workshop Contents:

    • Identify your writing niche: learn what niches exist and why some are more appropriate for you.
    • Learn how to showcase your portfolio.
    • How to write a pitch so editors take note of you.
    • How to access opportunities with businesses/enterprises.

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