Samartha Review: Good film by newcomers

This is the best time for newcomers in the film industry as the audience are accepting all types of films. We have seen many newcomers meeting big success with their debut ventures and it looks like the people associated with “Samartha” may also end up becoming successful. The film, made by newcomers, was released this Friday in a limited number of screens.

The film is about Samartha, who is a kidnapper who lives with his mother. He soon falls in love with a woman, however, when she finds out about his occupation, she is heartbroken and leaves him. A cop soon makes an appearance who gets a hold of Samartha. It is only later that the reason behind his kidnapping venture is revealed.

Why is Samartha kidnapping? Will his girlfriend come back to him? All is revealed in the second half of the film.

“Samartha” is directed by SGR Pavagada, who has presented the scenes is well. He surely has a good future. Coming to the producers, the film has been made under the Sarva Creations banner and has good production value. However, when it comes to the marketing, the makers have failed to promote the film well. In today’s time, it is important to not only make the film but also to promote the film.

Coming to the actors, most of the newcomers have done a good job. Nayana of “Comedy Khiladigalau” fame is impressive in her cameo. Ravi Siror is good in the titular role. Rachana Dasharath does well in her role and Cheluva is impressive as the cop.

Abhiman Roy has done a good job as the music director. The film is good for at least one watch. Please do go out with your family and watch the film.

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