Kichcha Sudeep’s hand gets injured at Molakalmuru

Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep got injured while he was canvassing for BJP candidate B Sriramulu in Molakalmuru. When Kichcha Sudeep arrived to Molakalmuru there was a huge crowd waiting for him and all of a sudden there was a rush.

In the melee, Sudeep’s hand got a small injury and sources said that it is minor and he is campaigning in spite of the pain. Before reaching to Molakalmuru, Sudeep had a tea at the roadside small shop.

A few days ago, Sriramulu had asked Sudeep to canvass for him which he had accepted. Sudeep had also canvassed for his friend Narasimha Nayak (Raju Gowda) in Shorapur last week.

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