Kannada film ‘Bazaar’ the new attraction with pigeons on sets

The sets of Suni’s directorial Bazaar is buzzing with feathery cast members, making them the most sought after by the leading cast as well as the crew. With about 20 odd pigeons taking up the frames for the pigeon racing and gambling-themed film, the director and the lead actors, Dhanveer Gowda and Aditi Prabhudeva have well adapted to their presence.

As the team gets into their third schedule from April 12, City Express gets hold of a few pictures from the film’s sets, which shows the bonding the lead actors share with the pigeons. According to Suni, the favorite among the lot is Paari, a white pigeon.

Heroine Aditi feels lucky to be sharing screen space with the birds. “I have grown up with a dog, parrot and rabbit around me. I even have a squirrel at home. But it is the first time for me to get closer to pigeons,” says Aditi Prabhudeva, who has developed a close bonding with Paari. “We have a connection with the name. She is Paari and I am Paarijatha (in the film). I can’t stop myself the moment Pari sits on my hand. I mess up its white skin with my lipstick marks,” she chuckles.

For Dhanveer Gowda too, Paari is special. He says, “My cousin is a pigeon lover and has a lot of pigeons at his place. I took a 10-day training on bonding with pigeons. The actor has been raring the  27 pigeons, which were bought for the shoot and he is personally taking care of it now.With Paari, there is definitely a close connection and if given a chance, I would want to take care of it even after the film.”

“Except for two, none of the pigeons have been trained. So, it requires a lot of patience when it comes to shooting with pigeons in the background. I have to wait for them to be in the right frame, and sometimes, it takes a few more days than we require. We have also placed multiple cameras and it has come handy,” says Suni, who is looking forward to shoot the pigeon racing sequence in July, particularly during Ashada maasa. “I am done with 70 per cent of the shoot, and will probably end with shooting pigeon racing, for which we will be travelling through Mysuru, Tumakuru and Bengaluru,” he informs. Mentioning about Paari, Suni says, the pigeon is ‘a natural actor’.

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