‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa is a laugh riot’

Director Preetham Gubbisays that his next, Johnny Johnny Yes Papa, produced by Duniya Talkies, will be a laugh riot that audiences shouldn’t miss. “We have been successful with the first part (Johnny Mera Naam, Preethi Mera Kaam) and people loved the characters in that film. In this one, the canvas is bigger and so are the characters. There are more artistes and it’s a lot more fun and a very honest film,” says Preetham.
Prod him about the characters and the set of the film, and Preetham says, “For both films, huge sets were erected. In this film, there is an entire colony, which is colourful and has streets named after religions. There are characters who have come into the colony now. Sadhu Kokila returns as the doctor and Thithi fame Channegowda has done a special role.” Talking about Vijay’s character, he says, “People will get to see five different getups of Vijay and Rangayana Raghu. In the previous film, there was just one character for Rangayana Raghu. So, in that way the package is bigger. One of Vijay’s looks — the Lord Ram avatar — has already been revealed. There is a commando look as well. The other three looks audiences should watch onscreen in that particular scenario, because it is a situational comedy. But the highlight of the film is Vijay’s fantastic comic timing, which people have not seen before.”

What will the audience take back from the film? “It’s a sweet film that depicts the reality of life without getting preachy. All of this is done with a lot of humour.” Preetham says that there are two chemistries in the film to watch out for. “The first one is between Vijay and Rachitha Ram, and the other is between Vijay and Rangayana Raghu, which is equivalent to any lead pair chemistry. In this film, you will see their bromance blossom even more,” Preetham says. On his part, Vijay is excited about reuniting with his ‘pal’ Preetham, as well as producing this sequel, which the duo is looking at making into a franchise. “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa is a very funny movie with a subtle message for society that everyone can enjoy,” says Vijay.


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