Dayal Padmanabhan wraps up one film, begins shooting for the next — all in one day

In a record of sorts, director Dayal Padmanabhanwrapped up the shoot of Aa Karala Ratri on Ugadi and began the shoot of his next, titled Puta 109, on the same day. Dayal, who had announced the film after his stint in the Bigg Boss house, completed the shoot of Aa Karala Ratri on Sunday at 2.30 am and began shooting for Puta 109 at 6 am on the same day. Since the muhurat of Puta 109 fell on Ugadi, the director didn’t think twice before shooting for his next. The puja was conducted at Ganesha temple and is currently being filmed at the Balur coffee estate. The film stars Naveen Krishna and Jayaram Karthik.


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