Audio of Dayal Padmanabhan’s “Aa Karaala Ratri” out

The audio track for Dayal Padmanabhan’s “Aa Karaala Ratri” is out. The soundtrack was released by actor-director Upendra. R Chandru, K Manju and Pratham were the chief guests on the occasion.

The story of the film is based on a play by Mohan Habbu. The film’s dialogues are written by Naveen Krishna.

“Aa Karaala Ratri” is being jointly produced by Dayal and Avinash Shetty. The film brings back the team of Bigg Boss 5. The film stars Dayal’s fellow contestants JK and Anupama Gowda in the lead. Naveen Krishna, Rangayana Raghu, Jaya Srinivasan, Veena Sundar and Navarasan play pivotal roles in the film.

P K H Doss is the cameraman, while Ganesh Narayan is the music director. Dayal’s last film as director was “Satya Harischandra”, which did not do well at the box office. There are lots of expectations from this film.

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