A realistic court for Ananthu v/s Nusrath

Sudheer Shanbhogue marks his directorial debut with Anantu v/s Nusrath. The film is currently rolling and City Express caught hold of a few pictures, which gives a glimpse of a court room drama shot with lead actors Vinay Rajkumar and Latha Hegde among others in the cast. The whole sequence is being shot at Kanteerva Studio over the last few days. Sudheer says he has got rid of the regular court design that is often seen in most films, which usually consists of a red carpet, the blindfolded Lady Justice, a round table and police standing by the sides.

“I wanted a messy court, where we see huge files and papers piled on one side. So, we decided to change the whole property and got new wall colours to get a realistic look,” says the director. The makers are planning to complete the talkie portions by April 5 and will plan the songs sequence later. Vinay plays a lawyer named Anantha Krishna Kramadharitthaya and the film has music by Sunadh Goutam with cinematography by Abhishek Kasargod.

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